Utilise and discover the potential of your contacts and their network

You have people within your network who are operating within different industries. You can actively search among your contacts and their network to find a match for what you are looking for. By connecting as many contacts as possible, you create a link for connections and expanding your network in a simple way.

Professional profile

Display what you are Offering or looking for

Via the “Opportunity” feature, you can create and publish an offer, a need, an exchange or a donation for your contacts and their networks. One action result in multiple verified and reliable opportunities


Show your position in real time

By activating “Location Sharing” in Qonnectify, you can let your contacts know your position in real time. This creates opportunity for letting your network know when you are in new geographical area. You can anytime you want turn the function off without any history or trace.

Categorised Industry & Competence area

Each one of us are connected to an industry, either by a skillset, knowledge, education or influence. By specifying your industry and competence area, you increase the chance to be connected to someone looking for a person with your profile.

Send Request

Visualise your chosen contacts and in turn their contacts from your phonebook

Select the contacts you want from your phonebook and visualise them on a world map. Once your contacts do the same, you will see their chosen contacts as well.

Select contact

Communicate and connect via Messaging

Keep the conversation collected in one within Qonnectify by using our own messaging tool.